22 - The IEEE Big Data 2017 in Boston

Hi crew,
I hope you are doing well.
Today I want to share with you my experience at the IEEE Big Data conference 2017 in Boston. This is huge event organised by the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) that is one of the world largest organization for professional engineers. I attended the conference to present my paper at the workshop about applications of ‘Big Data’ technologies in the transport industry. The paper is about “Application of machine learning to fuel consumption modelling of trucks” and you can find more information about it, including an abstract and a copy of the paper before acceptance, on my Research Gate.
The workshop was last week on Monday afternoon (that is in the night in Europe as there are 5 hour difference between Boston and the UK) and brought together data scientists and engineers working on applications of Big Data and machine learning in the transport industry all over the world. This include, for example, the management of the infras…

21 - The ROSE workshop in Copenhagen

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After a long while, here I am back with a new post for you ladies and gentlemen.

Today I would like to talk with you about my experience at the ROSE workshop 2017 in Copenhagen. This that I attended was the 5th edition of the workshop sponsored by the ROSE project that every year involves about 30 experts from different institutions working on low rolling resistance and greener road pavements around the world.
The workshop is a two days event that this year took place in Copenhagen on Thursday 23rd November and Friday 24th November, 2017. Yes guys, it was just last week. I am pretty quick in giving you news and updates on my project.
The experience overall was just great and gave me the opportunity of sharing results of my research and make some networking for future collaboration. At the end of my presentation I received some very interesting questions that opened discussion within the attendees and that made me proud of the work done so far. You know, it is so good seeing that y…

20 – The TRL PhD Day 2017

Hi crew,
Today I want to share with you the fantastic experience that I had a couple of weeks ago at TRL ( for the PhD Day 2017 (19th July 2017). The event was meant to bring together PhD students that collaborate with TRL in their projects, giving them the opportunity to meet, and share their experience and ideas. It was the first edition of the event and it was my pleasure and honour to be part of it, having the possibility to introduce my research and experience with other PhD students.

In total, eleven students with a couple of supervisors attended the event organised by the TRL Academy. Dr Alan Stevens Chief Scientist and Research Director in the Transportation Division at TRL, Dr Nick Reed the Academy Director, and Dr Helen Viner Chief Scientist Research Director in the Infrastructure Division at TRL presented and directed the operations throughout the day. The PhD Day meant to be a chance for PhD students to share ideas with their colleagues working on diffe…

19 - The UoN Open Day 2017

Hi crew,
I know, it was not a long time ago when I wrote my last post on the blog but things here in Nottingham happen quite fast and today I have a new story to tell you about: a few weeks ago I worked as ‘Demonstrator’ in the laboratories of the Department of Civil Engineering, at the Open Day 2017 at the University of Nottingham.
Open Days are events that are really important for the hosting institutions and for its guests in England. Basically, at Open Days in Nottingham, but in the UK in general, students from the high schools come to visit the university with their parents and make a choice regarding continuing their studies and their future work career. They have the possibility to visit the laboratories, classes, experience all the facilities that the university offers, chat with current students, and talk with their future professors. Everything must be carefully organised and planned because the event is basically as an advert for the institutions and the city itself, and f…

18 - The ESREL 2017 Conference

Hi crew,
I hope you are fine maybe enjoying the sun at the seaside or travelling around the world for holidays.
Today my post is about the ESREL Conference 2017. In fact, a few weeks ago, me and all the other TRUSS ITN ESRs attended and presented our work at the 27th edition of ESREL. ESREL is the European Safety and Reliability Conference (I know, the acronym does not match but this is what they claim ESREL means on the website of the conference…) organised by ESRA (the European Safety and Reliability Association) in collaboration with the University of Ljubljana. The event, hosted at the Hotel Gran Bernardin in Portoroz (Slovenia), was huge with attendees from all over the world and with different backgrounds but that all care about reducing uncertainties in assessing safety and reliability of systems with applications to a number of different fields. It was the opportunity for engineers, international experts, managers, and academics to share with each other experience and discuss…

17 - Tutorial: plot graphs using R

Hi crew,
Ready for a new post?
Today, as I promised, I want to introduce you to plot graphs using R. R is a software that offers a large variety of solutions for plotting beautiful and fully customizable graphs and is the software that I use for my data analysis in my project.
Let’s start then this brief tutorial. The dataset I will use is actually completely random, but of course, you can use any other you want.
#this is a comment in R #let’s start assigning values to our ‘x’ and ‘y’
Data <- data.frame("X" = c(0.25, 1.85, 2.35, 2.76, 3.85, 4.55, 5.25, 6, 6.25, 7, 8.25), "Y" = c(0.35, 1.95, 2.28, 2.68, 3.97, 4.5, 4.9, 5.85, 6.48, 7.01, 8.15))
Another way to do that can be:
x <- c(0.25, 1.85, 2.35, 2.76, 3.85, 4.55, 5.25, 6, 6.25, 7, 8.25) # assigns a vector to the variable ‘X’ y <- c(0.35, 1.95, 2.28, 2.68, 3.97, 4.5, 4.9, 5.85, 6.48, 7.01, 8.15) # assigns a vector to the variable ‘Y’ Data <- data.frame("X" = x, "Y" = y) #create…

16 - 1st TRUSS ITN Workshop (24th May 2017, Lloyd's Register, London)

Hi crew, I hope you are doing great!
After this long weekend in England, here I am with a new post for my blog. Today I want to share with you the amazing experience of attending the 1st TRUSS ITN Workshop (24th May 2017, London).
Honestly, it was a success. International experts with different backgrounds joined the event and introduced their perspective on the topic of risk assessment and associated decision-making process related to structural safety and management of infrastructure. It was another chance for all the ESRs to learn from top managers, engineers, researchers, and professors in the field. A chance to discuss innovative methods and solutions developed nowadays in industry and academia to tackle the latest challenges in engineering. A chance to meet old and new friends and start collaboration on common concerns.
A beautiful day spent in a magnificent venue as the offices of Lloyd’s Register.
Please, for more information about this and next events organized by TRUSS, do not for…